Personal Data:

Masry Abd El Hamid Hannourah



Family name:


First name:

Abd El Hamid

Father name:


Nationality :


Birth Date:

Married+2 Sons.       

Marital Stats: 

Professor of Psychology, Faculty of Arts - Minia University


E mail:


Languages: Arabic (Mother Tongue) and English



Main specialization:


Psychology, Creativity & Cognitive Psychology.



 Private activity:


Private Psychological Center &Clinic.



Main scientific interests:




 Personality & Social Psychology.



 BA. Philosophy & Psychology ,CairoUniversity 1961.



Post graduate studies:

 Diploma of Applied Psychology ,Cairo University 1965.

 Masters: Psychology, Creativity ,Cairo University 1973.

 Ph .D.: Psychology, Creativity ,Cairo University 1977.

 Contin. Education Post graduate Studies: Minnesota.

 University (MICI) Psychotherapy and, Counseling Summer Courses 1989, 1993, 1995, 2003.


Scientific & Applied Activities:

 Consult of Clinical Psychology & Psychometry,Egyptian Air Forces Hospitals all time, 1971-1975, part time 1975-1983.

 Professor of Aesthetics: Academy of Arts , Egyptpart time(1971-1994).

 Professor of Psychology, all time, Minia University. 1975-1983. 1988-1994. 2002-till now

 Professor of Psychology, all time Kuwait University, 1983-1988, 1994-2002.

 Professor of Psychology, part time, Cairo University, Tanta University, Ain Shams University 1977- 2004.

 Consultant for Egyptian Ministry of Education 1989-1991.

 Consultant for Kuwait: Ministry of Education 1995-2002.

 Supervisor & Examiner for Ph .d & Master Theses for about 100 thesis in Egypt &other Arab Universities .


Books written in English & Arabic:


    40 published books & 6 books in press.


Published scientific articles:


        about 200 articles in Arabic and English .

Committees Membership :

 American Psychological Association (APA).

Egyptian Psychological Association.

 Egyptian Association for Psychologists.

 Association of Egyptian Writers.

 Arab Council for Gifted &Talented : Jordan.


Honour Medals:


 State Medal in Social Science (1987).

 Excellence first Class medal 1991.

 Who IS Who Medal, Certificate & registered C.V. in 2002 Volume.



Leadership Positions:

 Dean Faculty of Arts Minia University 1988-1994

 Chair Person Dep. Psychology Minia University1981-1983. 1988-1994. 2002-2004


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