Course Objectives



The general objectives of the course


After reading these materials, attending this course and absorbing its contents, you will be able to:


1.    Know what do we mean by objectives? What are the main types of it? What is the importance of the organizational objectives setting? And how can we develop these organizational objectives?


2.    Understand planning; its meaning, nature, and importance for both organizations and the people who are working in them.


3.    Practice planning through following the main steps for developing a plan (the planning process and its steps).


4.    Figure out the main principles for effective planning in organizations.


5.    Explain the interrelationship of planning and controlling.


6.    Discuss the different types of control and the major requirements for effective control, as well as its main barriers.


7.    Practice planning situations and tasks for achieving the organizational and individuals objectives.


8.    Know the main tools and techniques that can be used in planning and controlling.