Pathways to Higher Education Project

A Project Funded by Ford Foundation

Reports of Submitted to Ford Foundations


Pathways to Higher Education, Egypt project is an international grant contracted between Cairo University and Ford Foundation. Phase-I of the project implemented during the period from September 2002 to September 2005 according to the grant agreement no 1020-1912. In addition to enhancing the research skills of about 700 university graduates and sharing in FGF training of 1600 BBSA graduates during Phase-I of PHE/EG, the project has succeeded in building the institutional capacities of Cairo University in a number of ways.


Date Report
December 2003 First Annual Progress Report
December 2004 Second Annual Progress Report
September 2005 Final Report of Phase I
October 2006 First Annual Report of the Intermediate Stage
March 2007 Final Report Intermediate Stage