3rd Conference on "e-Learning Applications"
January 15th - 16th , 2005
The American University in Cairo (AUC) Egypt 


Pilot e-Training Program for Pathways to Higher Education, Egypt

Abdullah Mahmoud Ahmed, Faculty of Science, Cairo University
Teaching Assistant, Fayoum Branch and Pathways Graduate
e-mail: ashoeb@yahoo.com
Prof. Dr. Abdel-Alim Hashem, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
PHE Training Materials Development Coordinator
e-mail: aelsayed@eng.cu.edu.eg
Dr. Sayed Kaseb, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
Manager of Pathways to Higher Education (PHE), Egypt
e-mail: sayed.kaseb@pathways-egypt.com


Pathways to Higher Education (PHE) mission is to enhance research skills of the university graduates. PHE has developed a pilot e-Training program. This paper introduces its construction and design. PHE website contains 14 modules; each module includes the training material of one training course. The trainee can join the program through registration on PHE website. It is planned to give the trainee a username and password to be used through the training period. The trainee can download the training material and/or perform the training online. Each module has its own random test that must be performed before and after training program to evaluate trainee progress. The trainee will receive a certificate after finishing the 14 modules and passing all exams and submitting a graduation research.

The Egyptian society response to e-Learning and networking among flats are measured and showed positive results. Development of PHE pilot training program is essential to meet the PHE project objectives in the Second Phase and the expected increase in the trainee numbers.


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