Enhancement of Teaching Skills Program (ETS)


The program target the secondary school teachers. Targeting high school teachers will help them to transfer the gained knowledge to disadvantaged secondary school students in such remote areas, because these students will be university students in the future. The program targets teachers in order to enhance their skills to develop the teaching methods in order to sharpen the skills of the secondary schools students through their teachers.

This training program depends on the developed courses of "Pathways to Higher Education" which published in a book format and on the project's site. Each trainee received his material before training started.

The selected candidates must have higher degree and a suitable English language and computer skills.

The details of the training courses in ETS program are below.




No. of Hours

1 Communication Skills 12
2 Problem Solving and Decision Making 9
3 Teams and Work Groups 9
4 Stress Management 9
5 Active Learning 12
6 Integration of Pathways Training (Introduction, General Lectures, Closing) 9
7 Open Discussion & Trainees Activities 15
Total 75


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