Presentation in Mexico conference

 Project Pathways-Egypt was represented by its general Coordinator, Dr. Mohsen Elmahdy, in the Encounter “Educative Experience Exchange” carried out November 17th to 19th at Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.  The Encounter was summoned by Ford Foundation; it aims at developing links between projects of the initiative “Pathways to Higher Education.”  This encounter was an excellent chance for Project Pathways-Egypt to benchmark with other pathways initiative in 13 other countries: shared experience and compared environment, outputs and obstacles that are facing projects.

 Project Pathways-Egypt was well represented in this Encounter.  Each delegate of the 13 countries received a file about pathways showing strategic orientations of our project, a CD with complete information about the project including syllabi and complete text materials for 18 courses professed in Pathways-Egypt. These handouts were in addition to the formal presentation made by Pathways-Egypt representative, and a 10-minute documentary film about the project.  Project Pathways-Egypt was very well received, especially the section on the Evaluation Process used in the project.