Training of Trainers Program (TOT)

The training of trainers program is a specially planned course aiming, among others, at developing commitment to teamwork among trainers who will be used later for serving program requirements. It is conducted for potential trainers as a strategic step of the national approach towards developing the university staff. TOT program lasts for 40 hours spread over one full time training week. TOT program is regularly conducted. Enrollment is limited to university young faculty members and Pathways graduates. It is designed to empower fresh graduates with skills valuable for conducting the training process.


TOT program covers the following topics (see the sample timetable):

Training of Trainers Program

Cairo University


Location: Research and Commercial Studies Center, Faculty of Commerce - Cairo University

Duration: Oct 16th to 20th, 2007


(9:00 12:00)

Session (1)

12:00 13:00

(13:00 16:00)

Session (2)


Oct 16th

Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

Introduction and preparing a lesson plan

  Introduction to participant

  Prepare a lesson plan for training schedule

  Teams and individual assignment



Break and Open Discussion

Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

Designing training programs (1)

  Difference between training and teaching

  Adult learning

  Trainer skills

  Program design and training plan

  Training needs assessment  


Oct 17th

Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

Designing training sessions (1)


  Audience profile


  Design the presentation

Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

Designing training sessions (2)

  The trainer's image

  Maintaining interest

  Staying out of troubles



Oct 18th

Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

Micro training: Each group and some of the participant will deliver a training session

  Teams presentation

  Individuals presentation

Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

Micro training: plan to change

  Presentations Feedback

  Prepare an action plan to change



Oct 19th

Dr. Sayed Kaseb,

Dr. Momtaz Hegab

New trends in training, case study:

Research Methods

Dr. Sayed Kaseb,

Mr. Hassan Abdo

Effective design of visual aids, case study:

Small Projects

Saturday Oct 20th

Dr. Sayed Kaseb

Designing training programs (2)


  Evaluation ( KSA)

  Return on training investment


Dr. Sayed Kaseb

Program workshop and open discussion

  Training program (Teams presentation)


  Evaluation & open discussion



Information about this program is shown in "Training of Trainers - Batch 5 Book".


Sample Presentations for TOT program topics:

- If you were in my shoes, Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

- Preparing to Train, Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

- Presentation Skills, Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

- Principles of Adult Learning-1, Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

- Principles of Adult Learning-2, Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

- Training Objective, Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

- Training, Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

 - TOT cases, Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

- Dr. Ahmed Fahmy Objectives

- Warm-ups, Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

- Time Management, Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

- Tests Design, Dr. Emad Sabeet

- Effective Design of Visual Aids-1, Dr. Emad Sabeet

- Effective Design of Visual Aids-2, Dr. Emad Sabeet

- Developing Communication Skills, Dr. Emad Sabeet

- Effective Communication Skills, Dr. Emad Sabeet

- New Trends in Training, Dr. Mohamed ElAsmaey

- Higher Education Morals, Dr. Mohamed ElAsmaey

- Presentation Skills, Dr. Mohamed ElAsmaey

- Communication Skills Improvements, Dr. Mohamed ElAsmaey

- Profession Behavior, Dr. Mohamed ElAsmaey

- Designing Training Material, Dr. Mohamed ElAsmaey

- Tests and Evaluation, Dr. Mohamed ElAsmaey

- Effective Communication Test, Dr. Mohamed ElAsmaey

- Profession Behavior Test, Dr. Mohamed ElAsmaey

- Testing System Evaluation, Dr. Mohamed ElAsmaey

- Design steps for a training program, Dr. Abdel-Alim Hashem

- Evaluating Training Program, Dr. Abdel-Alim Hashem

- Facilitator, Dr. Abdel-Alim Hashem

- Facts About Learning, Dr. Abdel-Alim Hashem

- Planning of the Training, Dr. Abdel-Alim Hashem

- Return on Training Investment, Dr. Abdel-Alim Hashem

- Training Implementation, Dr. Abdel-Alim Hashem

- The Trainer, Dr. Abdel-Alim Hashem

- Effective Design of Visual Aids, Dr. Abouelwafa Salem

- Presentation Skills Guide, Dr. Mahmoud Elkhateeb

- Training Implementation, Dr. Mahmoud Elkhateeb

- Return on Training, Dr. Mahmoud Elkhateeb

- Training Methods, Dr. Ahmed Housny

- Training and Development, Dr. Ahmed Housny

- Basic Skills for Trainer, Dr. Ahmed Housny

- New Trends in Research Methods, Dr. Momtaz Hegab

- New Trends in Research Methods, Dr. Walid Fathy

- Effective Design of Visual Aids, Mr. Hassan Mousa

- Mr. Hassan Mousa Handouts

- Mr. Hassan Mousa Assessment

- Effective Design of Visual Aids, Mr. Safwat Ali Saleh

- Effective Design of Visual Aids, Mrs. Hanan Badr

- Public Speaking and Presentations, Ms. Ghada Abdullah


Sample Trainees Presentations:

- Presentation-1

- Presentation-2

- Presentation-3

- Workshop



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