Thanks for your support and cooperation allover Egypt. We miss you in the opening/closing ceremonies at

 Port-Said, Helwan, Kafr-El-Sheck, South-Valley (Quna and Read-Sea) and Cairo Universities.

Although the current situation in Egypt and the fire of the Main Pathways office at Faculty of Engineering,

 Cairo University, we are implementing our training in 11 different Egyptian Universities. For the other 10

 universities, they ask us to postpone the training till the winter vacation Feb. 2014.

In this page (Sayed Kaseb), you can find some photos for the current activities of Pathways in different

 Universities at summer 2013.

Next planned Pathways activities/events are:

1- Mon 16 Sept. : Opening session in Tanta University starting at 9:00 am

2- Wed 18 Sept. : Closing Ceremony in Ain-Shams University starting at 12:15

3- Thur 19 Sept. : Closing Ceremony in Fayoum University starting at 12:45

4- Thur 19 Sept. : Closing Ceremony in Benha University starting at 12:45

5- Sat 21 Sept. : Closing Ceremony in Mansoura University starting at 12:45

6- Thur 26 Sept. : Closing Ceremony in Tanta University starting at 12:45

I will attend #1, #2 and #6, because I will travel to Germany from 20 to 24 Sept my colleague will attend the other events.

It is our pleasure to invite all of Pathways Trainees/Graduates (with any of their colleagues) to all these events

 according to their schedule.



Best wishes - Sayed Kaseb