Pathways to Higher Education Project


Center for Advancement of Postgraduate

 Studies and Research in Engineering Sciences,

Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University


Wellness Guidelines

Healthful Life

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hani Ratib
Prof. Dr. Salma Fouad Dowara


Table of Contents


Acknowledgement and Foreword

Chapter 1: Self Responsibility for Wellness

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Definition

1.3 Self-Responsibility for Health

1.4 Achieving Optimum Health

1.5 Focus on Life Management Skills

Chapter 2: Understanding the Human Body

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Support and Control Systems

2.3 Energy and Transport Systems

2.4 Endocrine System and Reproductive Systems

Chapter 3: Promoting Mental Health

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Promoting Mental Health: Information and Skills

3.3. Mental Disorders

3.4 Stress Management

Chapter 4: Family and Social Health

4.1 Healthful and Responsible Relationships

4.2 Communication in Relationships

Chapter 5: Growth and Development

5.1 Conception through Birth

5.2 Completion of the Life Cycle

Chapter 6: Nutrition - Healthful Eating

6.1 The Importance of Nutrients

6.2 Nutrients in Food

6.3 Planning a Healthful Diet

6.4 Diet and Cancer

Chapter 7: Benefits of Physical Fitness

7.1 Benefits of Physical Fitness

7.2 Designing Your Physical Fitness Plan

Chapter 8: Diseases and Disorder

8.1 Communicable Diseases

8.2 Cardiovascular Diseases

8.3 Cancers

Chapter 9: Safety and First Aid

9.1 Personal Safety

9.2 Accident Prevention

9.3 Emergency Care

Chapter 10: Community and Environmental Health

10.1 A Note on Environmental Pollution


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